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Mangal Dosh Nivaran

Mangal Dosh is found to be very frequently in kundli of many of the people which is one of the major astrological drawbacks. It occurs when planet mars also known as mangal or kuja to be present in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of one's horoscope/kundli called as Mangal or Manglik Dosh. As people with this dosh are commonly called as Manglik will suffer from many types of problems such as marriage, health and wealth. It's main effect shown in case of marriage because a manglik person must marry with only Manglik for decreasing the effects of their mars planet negative effects. According to Vedic astrology it is the only planet on earth which adversely affects relation of a person if a Manglik marry with non Manglik person.

It is a belief of fact that adverse effect of a person with Manglik Dosh can be reduced or treated if a puja ceremony known as “Kumbh Vivah” where manglik person firstly marry with a banana tree, peepal tree or a god Vishnu idol. Hence it is always suggested to perform marriage of two manglik person's with each other for completing diminishing their negative effects of negative stars to bring happiness in their life. However some of the Manglik dosh puja and nivaran are also done to marry one manglik with other non manglik person with many of holy mantras, vidhi's etc. In some cases few persons do not believe in such astrological facts during finalizing their partners but this should not be strongly neglected

About Mangal Dosh

What is Mangal Dosh , Manglik Kundli?

What precautions to be taken while checking the position of the mars in the horoscope?

Under what circumstances the “Mangal Dosh” is not considered “Dosh”?

Under what circumstances mars is treated as mild?

Why is it considered as a drawback during marriage?

What situtions in the horoscope of the spouse is treated as matching with the horoscope having “Mangal Dosh”?

Importance of Mangal (mars) in the 21st century?

What is Mangal Dosh?

Mangal Dosh Pujan Services When mars is located in any of the houses shown in the Horoscope, the Horoscope is said to have “Mangal Dosh”, i.e. If mars is in First house, Fourth, Seventh, Eight or Twelvth house person is having “Mangal Dosh”.

What Precaution is to be Taken While checking the position of the Mars in the Horoscope?

First and foremost the Horoscope must be “Bhavachalit Kundli” and not the general Lagna Kundli.

It is advisable to consult an expert astrologer in taking decision in case of Mangal Dosh.

Under what circumstances the “Mangal Dosh” is not considered “Dosh”.?

If mars is “Neech” i.e in Cancer.

If mars is in the enemy house i.e in Gemini or Virgo.

If mars is “Astangat» extinguished i.e. near sun.

If mars is in Aries in 1st house.

If mars is in Scorpion in 4th house .

If mars is in Capricorn in 7th house

If mars is in Leo in 8th house.

If mars is in Sagittarius in 12th house.

Under what circumstance mars is treated as Mild?

If mars is receiving Drushti from any “Shubh” planet i.e Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mercury, it is treated to be a mild “Mangal”.

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